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Ambros Goeller
was born in Kottendorf, a little town in the Haßberg Hills
and he grew up there with three other siblings.

Since early childhood Ambros was interested in the cultures of indigenous people in America.
From that a dream arose and later became reality. - travels to „Indian Country.“
there at his second trip he met the famous Northern Cheyenne Fluteman
Joseph FireCrow, who became his „brother“, teacher and mentor. - so Ambros became
a fluteman. After some released albums Ambros found compliance in the Native American
Music scene.

After many friendships, that turned out and a lot of connections that were made Ambros
spends a lot of time with Native American friends and family members.

Since almost 20 years Ambros is traveling back and forth between Franconia and
„Indian Country“ and the yearning to his Lakota ( Sioux ) and Tsis-tsis-staestse / Suhtio ( Cheyenne ) friends and family grows more and more.

At different projects Ambros worked together among other with SIO Steinberger and Marcel Barsotti.

Many of his song was new released by ZYX Music.

Since 2009 Ambros works together with Uwe Spies ( Clearsound Media).

2017 there was the album Sacred Inspirations by Spiritwind Records released to support the Water Protectors in North Dakota and Ambros donated the song „Mni Wiconi“ (Water Of Life).

Ambros received among others the „Silver Arrow Award“ from Spiritwind Records 2005, 2006, 2017.

Ambros performed among others at the „Landesgartenschau“ in Rosenheim 2010 and in Bamberg 2012.
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2018 he made recordings again with SIO Steinberger for his song „Traumfänger.“

2019 Ambros received the Cheyenne Name "Náhkȯhvó'omaestse" (White Bear).
On the side Ambros is working on more recordings for the album "I'm Still Around"
and hopefully it will be released 2023.

Due to Covid 19 Pandemic Ambros had to change and now you are able to see him now and then in Facebook Lifestreams.

Released Albums:

  • © 2000 The Spirit Within
  • © 2002 Through My Dreams
  • © 2006 Long Journey Home
  • © 2012 Voices Of Mother Earth

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